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Product Description

Hydroxyethyl cellulose is a high-purity chemical cotton or pulp and the alkali-catalyzed reaction of ethylene oxide is made. HEC processing and filling in the mud with increasing viscosity. Thickened slurry with easy acids, enzymes or oxidizing degradation of hydrocarbons and maximizing the recovery of oil. These fluids can easily be more acid, enzyme or oxidant degradation.


HEC can be formulated with the ideal low-solid drilling fluid, which provides greater penetration and better drilling stability. The rejection characteristics of the fluid can be used in hard rock drilling in the layer structure, the same applies to Bengtan or slippery layer of drilling slump page

Cement operations in the filling, HEC reduces pore pressure slurry friction, so that the loss of water damage to the structure reduced to a minimum


Helps provide a good low-solid mud, and can reduce the hole minimum damage

Thickeneds slurry with easy acids, enzymes or oxidizing degradation of hydrocarbons and maximizing the recovery of oil

Ruptures in the mud

Plays the role of sediment carried

Technical Data


White or light yellow powder



Loss on drying

5.0% Max

Environmental Information

Add HEC in concentrations of 0.5 to 4 lb/bbl (1.43 to 11.4 kg/m3). For maximum effectiveness, slowly add HEC through the hopper while mixing into a neutral-pH fluid for 30 min. This ensures complete hydration and maximum viscosity development.


Transportation of commodity name is not restricted by either international or CHINA regulatory agencies

Safe Handling Recommendations

Utilize normal precautions for employee protection when handling chemical products. Use of standard PPE is recommended for employee comfort and safety. See Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) prior to use.

Package and Storage

25kg HDPE bags (topical triple bag and inner with polyethylene film bag) or according to customer’s requirement.

Avoid high-intensity extreme pressure and prolonged exposure to strong sunlight. Keep bag closed. Keep away from heat, sparks and flames.


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