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General instruments

Our company can also supply the General instruments as follows:

  1. Mud Balance(MB): Measure the density of drilling fluids and other fluids;
  2. Viscometer(VIS): Measure various parameters, plot the rheological curves;
  3. Filter Press(FP): Measure the fluid loss;
  4. Lost Circulation Material Unit(LCMU): For Lost Circulation Material Test;
  5. Retort Kit(RK): Measure the solids content;
  6. Roller Ovens(RO): Measure the effect of drilling performance on temperature changing;
  7. Aging Cell(AC): pressure vessel,enables the sample temperature above the boiling point of water temperature also remains in a liquid state;
  8. Mixer(MIX): For mixing the drilling fluids;
  9. Lab Mixing Tank(LMT): For mixing the drilling fluids;
  10. Swell Meter(SM): Measure the linear expansion coefficient of the bentonite or core at different times;
  11. Lubricity Tester(LT): Measure the lubricity;
  12. Torque Meter(TM): Measure the torque;
  13. Electricity Stability Teseter(EST): Measure the PH ,resistIivity,electricity stability,etc.;
  14. Inflator(INF): Include Inflator,Low Pressure Regulator and High Pressure Regulator;
  15. Mud Cake Thickness、Toughness and Friction Coefficient One Machine(MCK;TAF;COM): Measure Mud Cake Thickness、Toughness and Friction Coefficient

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