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Foaming Stabilizer FP800

Foaming Stabilizer

Product Description

High Polymer Emulsion FP800 contains partially hydrolyzed polyacrylamide / polyacrylate (PHPA) copolymer and is used primarily as foaming stabilizer to enhance half-life in foaming based drilling fluids. It’s also used as a borehole stabilizer to prevent reactive shale and clay from swelling and sloughing in water based drilling fluids.

FP800 is also added to low-solids drilling fluids to increase lubricity, fluid viscosity and to improve carrying capacity of air/foam injection fluids.


Creates a tighter, stronger foam, which improves the fluid’s cuttings-carrying capacity

Be a cost-effective viscosifier in low-salinity fluids

Be used alone or in conjunction with KCL to stabilize active shales


Mixes easily with minimum shear in fresh water

Provides effective clay and shale stabilization

Imparts high degree of lubricity


Breaks down chemically with household bleach (sodium hypochlorite)

Flocculates non-reactive solids in reserve pit at low concentrations

Liquid product for easy mixing and rapid yield

Prevents bit balling and balling on stabilizers and bottom hole assemblies by coating and lubricating solids

Technical Data


Thick,opaque white liquid



Active matter


Thermal stability,℃


Recommended Treatment

Viscosity: Add 1-3L per 300 gal (1,135 L) of fluid for desired viscosity

Shale Stabilization: At least 1L per 300gal (1,135L) of fluid

Foam Stabilization: 1-2 L per 100gal (378L) of fluid.

Add FP800 in drilling fluids. Mix slowly through a jet mixer or sift slowly into the vortex of a high-speed stirrer.


Make-up water used to mix FP800 liquid polymer should meet the following quality:

Total chloride less than 1500 ppm(mg/L)

Total hardness less than 150 ppm as calcium

Total chlorine less than 50ppm

Water pH between 8.5-9.5

Reduce total hardness of make-up water by adding soda ash (sodium carbonate) at 0.5 to pound per 100 gallons (0.6-1.2kg/m³) of make-up water.

FP800 liquid polymer can be chemically broken down with liquid bleach in regular household concentration (5%sodium hypochlorite).Do not use perfumed liquid bleach or solid calcium hypochlorite.

Environmental Information

For information concerning environmental regulations applicable to FP800, contact the Health Safety and Environmental Department.


Transportation of commodity name is not restricted by either international or CHINA regulatory agencies.

Safe Handling Recommendations

Utilize normal precautions for employee protection when handling chemical products. Use of standard PPE is recommended for employee comfort and safety. See Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) prior to use.

Package and Storage

25kg drums or according to customer’s requirement.

Avoid high-intensity extreme pressure and prolonged exposure to strong sunlight. Keep container closed. Keep away from heat, sparks and flames.

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